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DIY: plate wall

by 3 March 15, 2013

i have always liked the look of a well put together plate wall, but my problem has always been finding the plates! they are always too expensive, not the right size, ugly, or over used. anthropolgie is the store of my dreams and every time i am there i want to buy every single plate. since my budget doesn't allow for such outrageous spending, i decided to paint my own plates. all you need is a little inspiration... find some plates that you like and recreate them! i bought some paint pens from the craft store and some plain white plates from the dollar store and got busy! i already had a collection of a few plates that i loved.  i had collected most of them from the thrift store, anthropologie's sale section, or as gifts. i tried to pick paint that would pair well with the plates i already knew i was using so they would seem more like a collection and less like a craft project. to hang the plates i searched far and wide for plate hangers that did not show up when you hung them to the wall. they do have some but they were $4 each. not going to happen. i got home and figured out my own way, this is what i came up with...

IMG_0517 just cut some ribbon and hot glue the ribbon onto the back of the plate, and then add MORE glue and cover it with a small piece of felt. my plates haven't moved an inch that hot glue is holding on strong!!


i found a picture of a feather i liked and i used the paint pen to recreate it! be brave, just go for it! i mean the plate was only a dollar, what do you have to lose?


here is the finished product! it doesn't have to be perfect and no one will ever have a plate the same as you!

this is my plate wall. i've gotta say i totally love it and it makes me happy every time i look at it!


here is the real question...can you tell which plates i've painted and which ones i have collected?