Pinwheel DIY

by 5 March 02, 2013


Today's DIY post is one of my favorite things to make, possibly in large part for sentimental reasons. It was one of the many handmade decorations my husband and I used to personalize the little chapel where we wed two years ago. The above photograph (shot by Ruth Eileen Photography) shows one way in which we used these little pinwheels. The best part about using them for wedding decor was that at the end of the night, family and friends kept asking to keep them as souvineers. Now, whenever we visit a loved one's home, we can usually find a lovely little reminder of the our beautiful wedding day.

What you will need:

-1 12in x 12in piece of cardstock paper

-A hot glue gun and glue sticks

-A dowel rod (The size is up to you, but I prefer the skinnier ones)

-A large button or round piece of jewelry (vintage earrings or clip-ons work great!)


First, you will fold your paper into three equal sections, as seen above.  You want to try to get them as equal in size as possible, or else they will not fit together properly later.

pinwheel3 pinwheel4

 After you have the piece of paper folded, you will cut carefully along the folds. This will leave you will three equally sized strips of paper to begin making your pinwheel.


pinwheel7 Do you remember in elementary school when you used to make paper fans? This next part is a lot like that! You will fold each piece of paper over about one inch before flipping it and doing the same on the other side. {HINT: The most important part of this project is making sure your folds are all as equal in size as possible. It will cause lots of difficulties later when piecing the three together and adding the button if some of the folds are wider than others.}

pinwheel8 pinwheel9 pinwheel10 copy

Once you finish your folding, you are left with three fan-like pieces of paper. Now you are ready to put them together. I hope you have that glue gun handy :).  As you can see from the photographs, you will apply glue to the inside of the end fold on one strip. Then you will attach the next strip by laying its final fold right on top of the area with the glue. The folds should be close to the same size, so one should just fit right in to the other.

pinwheel11 pinwheel12

 You will repeat this process to add the third strip of paper, making one long piece. Finally, you will repeat this step one last time, glueing the two ends together to make a circle.

pinwheel14 pinwheel15 pinwheel16

Next, you are ready to select the button or piece of jewelry that compliments the paper you have chosen. I recommend chosing one larger in size, as it is responsible for securing the pinwheel and enabling it to lay flat. You will hot glue your button to the center of the pinwheel and hold it in place until your glue is dry.

pinwheel18 Finally, to attach the dowel rod, all you will have to do is flip over the pinwheel and hot glue the rod inside of one of the folds.


There you have it: an easy, inexpensive decoration that takes minimal time! You can put a couple of them in a vase, as I have done above. You can "plant" them in pots, as I did for my wedding. You can even hang them on the wall or from the ceiling! Also, you can try making them in larger or smaller sizes to add some variety. I would love to hear some creative ways you luvvly ladies have decorated with pinwheels!