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Renaissance Women: A Letter From the Editor

by 1 March 11, 2013

  If you had asked me a year ago what I was doing with my life, I couldn't have told you because I myself was unsure of where I was headed. I was nicely referred to as free-spirited, a "dabbler" if you will, and not-so-nicely referred to as fickle or irresolute. I will be the first to admit that I understood why these descriptions would come up. I had been indecisive about what I should be doing or what I want to be doing with my life up to this point. Though I had dreams of pursuing a career in theater or cinema, at 18 I left these aspirations behind to live and work in Tijuana, Mexico, to immerse myself in a foreign culture and to help people in need, which then led me to a career in health care which was on the opposite end of the creativity spectrum. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Science, I felt that I had missed out by not pursuing a more creative career. As I became employed, I felt even more torn between focusing on creative pursuits versus compassionate ones. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered I could blend my interests in science and art. This website allows me to enjoy all the things I love regarding art, fashion, culture and so on, while offering compassion to others through raising awareness of social issues through discussion, activism and ties with non-profit organizations. It's through this realization that my helloluvvy website has come to fruition and how I can feel at peace with myself. I know this is a baby of a website right now and we have a very long way to go, but it is my greatest hope and prayer that our future is bright, extremely bright. Thank you to all my wonderful contributors and a special thanks to HelloLuvvy’s Senior Editor and my dearest, oldest friend Katie Evans.   IMG_3020  


Renaissance Women:

The American Heritage Dictionary:

A woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and sciences.

Urban Dictionary:

Someone who is active in many fields.
Normal Girl 1#: Dayum that girl is such a renaissance woman Normal Girl 2#: Yeah, shes in like the band, environmental club, politics club, history club, debating team, althetics team, school pride team, choir, european art appreciation society.... Normal Girl 1#: Wish i was renaissance :(
My mother's definition:
"She likes to do lots of different things."