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So Nice To Meet You

by 4 March 04, 2013

plane faces

Three months and four days. That is how long my husband and I have been living in London.

Over the past month we can say that our London life has gone from chaotic long-term tourist to fresh ex-pat Londoners. We have learned a lot in our quarter of a year here so far – walk on the left not on the right, know where you are going before you get to the tube station and never say “fanny pack” or “pants” in public.

Our adventure, as I call it, has many facets. God decided that a move to London would best be accompanied by more substantial life change. At time of writing this post I am 34 weeks pregnant. We found out on a Sunday that we would be a family of three and on the following Tuesday that our family of three would be living in London. It is likely that your first question is if our baby will be a UK or dual-citizen. Alas, citizenship isn’t issued by birthplace here in the UK – we will be having a full on American in a London hospital.

The tiny human my husband, Mat, and I are expecting is of the female gender and should arrive in mid-April. This is altogether exciting and frightening all at once. I know people say they “can’t wait to meet” their little one but I feel that we are fairly well acquainted already. I know that she likes to poke her tiny rear out when she stretches (directly into my ribs) and I know that she is very interested in her tiny toes, as she has been holding onto them in every ultrasound since toes were visible. So I can’t wait to see her face and kiss the toes that have been causing me moments of awe and breathlessness for the past 8 months. I also know that some baby girls look just like baby girls and some baby girls look like – well just cute generic babies. So I feel the pressure to find headbands, bows and hats that give the “I’m not a boy” cue without also making it look like I am carrying a birthday package instead of a child. Not to mention she has a real soul and we are expected to teach her how to live in this world and help to usher her into toddler, adolescent and eventually adulthood. Bows and becoming a part of society being the terrifying part.

I will also be talking about travel here on Hello Luvvy as it is yet another facet of our adventure. I want to help you be a great traveler. I want you to find the cools spots, know what to take on the plane versus the train, be able to handle traveling with a tiny person, and best plan trips that work for you and not against you. Even after three months here combined with our previous travel experience we have added to our bank of travel knowledge and I am sure there is much more to come. I’ll keep up with a list of London favorites and let you know about all of our flops and victories along our traveling ways.

I will be talking to you a good amount about all of these things and more here on Hello Luvvy as our 18-24 month adventure as Londoners transplanted from Texas who are about to start a family and want to see the world continues to unfold. I’ll let you know what I love, what I loathe and hopefully what may interest you about being an expat, living and traveling in Europe, being pregnant and having a tiny tot, as well as some thoughts every now and again on things like books, shoes, cocktails and good friends. Cheers, ladies.