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5 Reasons to Vacation in Santorini, Greece

by Darcy Munoz March 18, 2016

5 Reasons to Vacation in Santorini, Greece

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Have you ever seen a photo of a gorgeous location and thought it looked too good to be true? That was me when I saw photos all over Pinterest of Santorini. Let me assure you that this Greek island is everything it’s made out to be and more!

Besides the beautiful photos I saw on Pinterest, my husband was studying Greek, and we were celebrating 4 years of being married. It seemed like the perfect place for us to celebrate and for my husband to practice the language.

However, the good thing about Santorini is that it’s so amazing that you don’t need a reason to visit. Just go! But in case you’re looking for one, here are five reasons why Santorini should be your next vacation!

1. The Views

travel, explore, santorini, greece,

The two prominent towns on the island are Oia and Fira. Both towns are similar in that they have beautiful views and hotels right on the side of the cliff.

There is no doubt about it, that the place to stay in Santorini is on the cliffs with a caldera view in either of the two towns. This option is going to be more pricey, but worth every penny.  Can’t afford those hotels? No worry, stay at a budget-friendly hotel in the center of town and walk to the views!  Remember, Santorini is an island so it’s not hard to find a pretty view. The whole island is filled with incredible beauty that will take your breath away!

travel, santorini greece

travel, explore, santorini

2. The Beaches

travel santorini greece

travel, santorini, greece

Red Beach

It’s pretty obvious that since Santorini is an island, a trip to the beach is a must (like, everyday)! Our favorite beach was Red Beach! We, unfortunately, didn’t visit Red Beach until our last day. I recommend going here first, as it’s definitely the coolest beach on the island. Be aware that it’s quite a trek to get to, but it’s worth the risk of falling off the side the cliff (kidding…kind of).

santorini greece

Another beach to visit is Perissa. With black sand and rocky water, this beach is unique and beautiful at the same time. It’s completely different from Red Beach which makes it another must see beach.

santorini greece

3. Sunset in Oia

santorini greece

santorini greece

A sunset on a beautiful island sounds like a cliché, but I will never get tired of a good sunset. Besides, it’s a tradition in the little town of Oia. Everyone lines the streets and fills the restaurants to see the sun set in the distance. Make sure to find a restaurant with a view, take a seat and wait for the sun to disappear. It really is magical. If you want something even more romantic, go on a sunset cruise with complimentary wine and a front row seat to the sun.

4. The Food

travel, explore santorini

Not familiar with Greek food? What a wonderful reason to visit Greece! As a vegetarian, Greek food was perfect for me, but don’t worry meat lovers, there’s plenty for you too.

One of my favorite things about Greek food was that it was so fresh. Everything was natural, healthy and delicious.

Try a traditional Gyro (go with the falafel!), fresh Greek yogurt with honey or some homemade baklava.

explore santorini greece

My husband and I found a restaurant we liked and decided to go everyday for breakfast. This was a fun way to interact with some locals and practice the language, not to mention getting to try something different on the menu each day. Make sure to try some authentic meals such as a Greek salad (for you veggies like me) or Moussaka (for all you meat lovers).

5. The Excursions

santorini, greece

If you’re looking for more adventure than just lying on a beach, there are plenty of excursions to choose from.  One of my favorite activities from our trip was riding around on a 4wheeler.  You can rent one for only  $35 for the entire day. Because it’s nearly impossible to see the island by foot, this is a fun way to get around and see all the beautiful views!

santorini greece

Looking to get out on the water? Take a tour to the volcano and hot springs, go on a sailing day trip or just hire a local to take you into the majestic Aegean Sea.

Hope you can find a reason or two to visit this incredible island. It has something for everyone and I promise you it won’t disappoint! So grab a swimsuit, plan your trip and be prepared to be amazed!

explore santorini greece

Amanda Muñoz and her husband Mitch are missionaries in the beautiful country of Guatemala. She is the founder of The Thrive Collective (@_thethrivecollective), a brand that is focused on empowering others by creating opportunity using fashion and handmade goods. She enjoys photography, running and snuggling with her dog Olive. You can find her blogging over at A Beautiful Adventure ( and you can find her on instagram at @mandersmunoz.

Darcy Munoz
Darcy Munoz