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Garden Grin—A Garden Fresh Cocktail with Friends

by Melinda Asewicz May 11, 2017

Garden Grin—A Garden Fresh Cocktail with Friends

Throughout the spring I have spent hours and hours toiling in the the garden in my new home. I have never had a garden before, but there’s something about a new house that makes you go- hold up, maybe I CAN do all of the things I dream of!? At least that was me with a garden.

After years of pining and watching too much Fixer-Upper, I had so many dreams about what my future home should be like. A garden was easily one of the parts I wanted the most, so when we bought our new home with some built in garden containers, I knew I needed to at least attempt gardening. My longterm goal: to have my own homemade salsa from my garden. My short-term goal: have some herbs for cocktails. We’re definitely still in the short-term part, but I’m happy to reap even that!

This cocktail is perfect for spring and summer nights when the air is fragrant and the breeze is just right. It is a great combination of sweet and tart, and has some of my very favorite flavors.

Garden Grin

2 oz Grapefruit Vodka
3 oz Ginger Beer
1 tablespoon honey simple syrup
Basil to garnish or muddle

Just combine all of the ingredients above and shake! 

I love the combo of ginger and grapefruit, and I find that grapefruit is one of my go to warm weather flavors. 

This is best enjoyed with friends outside, but is perfectly acceptable without a garden! 

Loving the simplicity and cut of this HL dress as a way to enjoy the sunshine and beauty around me!

Happy Drinks My Sweets!

Melinda Asewicz
Melinda Asewicz