Sleeping Mask - Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired

by Darcy Munoz September 10, 2015

Sleeping Mask - Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired

These DIY sleeping masks, inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's, make my heart skip a beat! Audrey Hepburn is such an inspiring film & fashion icon, and her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's is so dreamy. One of my favorite scenes is when she gets woken up by Paul and she is wearing her adorable blue and gold sleeping mask. Today, I'm sharing my own version of the mask in 2 colors. I love the blue and gold but my favorite color is pink so, I couldn't resist making both colors! Let me know what you think & don't forget to share your own creations using #DIYluvv on Instagram. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask17

To make the sleeping mask you will need:

— 2 Pieces of Felt (color of your choice & black)

— Glittery Elastic Band

— Braided Trim

— Hot Glue & Glue Gun (not Pictured)

— Sleeping Mask Template (download at the end of the post)

— Scissors

breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask1 breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask2

To get started, cut 2 sleeping mask shapes from the felt piece using the template provided. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask3

Now cut out all of the pieces that create the eyes. You should have 2 eye lids, 2 rectangles, and 2 eyebrows. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask4

Cut little strips in the rectangles to create lashes and glue them to the eyelids. Set aside the eye pieces to get started on the mask. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask5

Measure the elastic glitter band & make sure you have enough to fit around your head comfortably. Add glue to the back side of the band and place it glitter side up on one mask piece. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask6

Glue the other mask shape on top of the first one and sandwich in the glitter band so you can't see it from either side of the mask. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask7

Peel back the top mask shape a little and add a bit of glue to begin adding the braided gold trim. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask8

Make sure you secure with glue before you start adding the trim around the edge of the mask. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask9 breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask10

Glue the trim all the way around the edge of the mask until you get back to where you first started. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask11

Now cut the trim. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask12

Secure the edges with a bit of glue. Tuck the edges in between the mask shape sandwich. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask14

Add glue around the edges of the eye lid leaving the bottom of the lid free of glue.  Place the lids on the mask and make sure to pinch them a little when applying so it gives a 3D effect. Glue the eyebrows above the lids to complete your mask. breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleeping-mask15

These iconic sleeping masks would be perfect for a gift or even a Halloween costume. I would love to see how you make yours! Use #DIYluvv on insta so I can check out your luvvly sleeping mask. You can download the sleeping mask template below: [easy_media_download url="" Download Mask Template" color="pink"]   XO, Jessica

Darcy Munoz
Darcy Munoz