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Meet The Hello Luvvy Team



Darcy Munoz is the Founder/Creative Director of Hello Luvvy LLC. A little over a year ago, she contacted one of her oldest and dearest friends, Katie Evans, (now Senior Editor & Beauty Writer for Hello Luvvy), to ask her to co-create not just a website, but a community for real women in Arkansas and beyond. Since this initial conversation, their dream of creating a positive community for women that challenges society’s idea of beauty and perfection has become a reality.


A Letter from the Editors

Hello Luvvy is not just a website, but a growing state of mind that simply accepts and embraces the individuality of women. Through this acceptance, we aim to create empowerment and a sense of community among our readers. We also pride ourselves in providing you with knowledge about products and styles that we luvv, but that are also budget-friendly and easily accessible. Join us daily for inspiration on living a truly luvvly life!

Darcy Munoz & Katie Evans

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darcy-headshotDarcy Munoz

Founder Writer: Fashion

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katie-headshotKatie Evans

Senior Editor Writer: Beauty

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melinda-headshotMelinda Asewicz

Writer: Food/ Playlist

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