GRACE | Crystal Water Face & Body Mist

Each of our crystal waters is infused with a genuine crystal and a special blend of plant extracts and essences designed to target specific needs. They may be enjoyed as a facial mist, on body and even gently misted around clothing and in your sanctuary, as desired.

GRACE : hydrate // with green aquamarine crystal
Infused with soft citruses, gentle jasmine, sensual rosewood and warm vanilla, Grace is designed to hydrate, plump and soften, leaving skin refreshed, renewed and beautifully radiant.

Recommended for you if your skin is : dry, normal, flaky

  • A refreshingly clean scent, with energizing citruses, exotic rosewood, subtly nectarous jasmine and warm vanilla. Grace is a warm, inviting scent that is soft, light and beautifully pleasant.
  • 2 fl oz
  • Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free
  • By Miss Violet Lace

Collections: Beauty, New Arrivals

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